Interior Solutions

Case Studies

Tallinn, Estonia
Interior architects: Hannelore Pihlak, Kristi Lents

Tuuliki Tõiste, TalTech Library Development Manager:
The walls of our library's group work rooms are also covered with the same fabric as our facade. Visitors to the library can touch it and then find out that it is the same material as outdoors. We made library souvenirs from the same fabric, reduced the pattern printed on the fabric, and applied it to the bookmark. We share these with library guests.
Tallinn, Estonia
Architects: Maile ja Eliina Grünberg
Material: re-board
Tallinn, Estonia
Architect: KOKO Architects (Liis Lindvere)
Material: Verseidag

Kaido Ole: "It is easy for an artist to come up with ideas but someone has to carry it out into real life as well. One positive experience for me as a solo artist was the fully supportive teamwork where everything that had been planned was also executed by someone to a perfect result."
Tallinn, Estonia
Material: Heytex
Media: Delfi

The nearly 10,000 square meter sports and spa center RING houses the most modern basketball complex in Estonia, heated sand beach volley and football courts, 24/7 open gym, several training halls and a spa complex with a dozen saunas.

Beach volley court has seaside ambience created through the use of 630m2 of printed Heytex Mesh banners.